Unlocking the vast potential of solar power

Salt capsules the size of tennis balls could spark an energy revolution. The brainchild of Dr Dharendra Yogi Goswami, this cost effective method could turn solar power into our most dominant form of energy.

In every hour of every day, the amount of sunlight that strikes the earth is more than enough to meet the world’s yearly energy consumption. But we have yet to harness the full potential of this form of clean energy. In the past decades, solar power plants have been built employing two different techniques. The first type uses photovoltaic solar panels to directly convert sunlight into electricity. The second, Concentrated Solar Power plants, use mirrors to concentrate sunlight and create heat. This is used to generate steam that drives a turbine coupled to an electrical generator. Although we have the technology to turn sunlight into electricity, the output drops when the sun goes down. The challenge is how to make solar power as reliable as a fossil fuel or nuclear power plant. […]

Full story published in Mammoet World issue 17, 2017

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